Cascade Supplier Partners: Product Highlight – WillowWood META™ Arc

The META™ Arc from WillowWood has arrived. This moderate-to-high activity carbon composite prosthetic foot features a revolutionary unibody design. The integrated biomimetic ankle joints offers patients unparalleled inversion and eversion range of motion, while reducing pressure on the residual limb for drama-free stability.

  • Lightweight, hardware free design
  • Instant adaptation: Polycentric ankle design provides immediate ankle response
  • Greater than 95% dynamic spring energy return
  • Split keel
  • 20 Degree linkage ROM
  • Waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • L5981, L5986 – PDAC APPROVED


  • One-piece construction merges the heel and keel sections of the foot into a seamless design that is free of secondary fasteners and eliminates excess weight, bolts, and weakened attachment points.
  • Harnesses maximum energy storage and return from the heel and full-length keel.


  • Polycentric joint allows for multiple axes of rotation and translational movement. This functionality mimics anatomical roll and glide that enhances coronal plane stability.
  • Improves balance in comparison to single axis kinematics.
  • Ankle motion stabilizes socket and joint forces caused by terrain and motion.


  • K3/K4 users
  • New prosthesis
  • Rehabilitative tool
  • Gait therapy
  • Outdoor enthusiast
  • Community walker

NOTE: Not intended for use with repetitive or severe magnitudes of force from extremely high impact and abusive activities.


Want to learn more? Contact your Account Manager or visit the Cascade website!

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