Hi. If you’re new here, you’re probably wondering who Cascade is, what our blog is all about, and why we are here.

Cascade Orthopedic Supply, LP is a wholesale distributor of orthotics, prosthetics, materials, and equipment. Founded in 1973, we have served the O&P community for over 47 years by utilizing the latest advancement in technology to provide practitioners with the products they need quickly and efficiently. We have four distribution center locations strategically located throughout the United States that provide customers with three-day ground delivery service. We offer competitive prices, freight considerations, and value-added services which include education, promotions, and customer specific programs. Cascade is determined to continue to reimagine the distribution model and help provide solutions that improve patient’s quality of life.

Our hope is that this blog provides you with some insight into who Cascade is and what efforts we are taking to help both the O&P industry, as well as you, our customer. By sharing internal advancements, supplier updates, and throwing in some clinical and business education, our goal is that you find value in this additional resource. We want this to be a place learning, growing, and staying connected with you.

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