Meet our Internal Account Manager: Gina Hartranft


In January 2016, Cascade hired an Internal Account Manager, Gina Hartranft, to provide a deeper level of support across our growing customer base.  We recently sat down with Gina to get a little insight into her role at Cascade and how she partners with accounts across the country to help them build a better practice.

How would you define your role at Cascade?

GH: As an Internal Account Manager, I connect with different accounts to provide an added level of service and support.  Cascade delivers more than just distribution and my goal is to communicate regularly with customers, discover their specific needs, and deliver actionable solutions to the issues they face.   I want customers to understand (regardless of size, location, or need) they are valued.  Taking this a step further, I am also working in conjunction with the Outside Sales Team to provide an additional point of contact for customers.  All-in-all, I am working to build and maintain long-standing relationships.

How has your role changed since you joined Cascade?

GH: My position has grown considerably.  In the beginning, I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with accounts, cleaning up my contacts, and working to understand the products and services Cascade has to offer.  In this process, my goal was to create a pattern of consistent communication with my accounts.  From this, I have been able to quickly find creative solutions for customers.  Now that I have built a strong foundation with my accounts, I feel like my role is really starting to make an impact.

What do you feel like your biggest success has been?

GH: I love finding accounts who have lost their connection with Cascade and don’t know how much we have grown.  Often, our customers aren’t aware of the service and support we can provide.  Once I get to know these accounts, they begin to understand the added value that Cascade can bring to the table.  This is very rewarding for me and I consider it a success when customers start increasing their business with Cascade!

What are some goals you have for the future?

GH: I would love to add additional Internal Account Managers so we can continue to deliver the service and support customers need.  As I would say to my softball team…Teamwork is needed to make the dream work baby!

Any additional #feels about your role?

GH:  The needs of the customer are constantly changing and I know my role will continue to transform.  I have experienced success, failure, and learned a lot along the way.  I work very closely with John Cronin, the Director of Sales and Marketing, to ensure I provide the level of targeted service our Sales Team has cultivated.  Each day is a learning experience and I am prepared to adapt in order to fit the needs of Cascade and our customer partners.


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