Cascade Supplier Partners: WillowWood’s Transfemoral ALPHA TruSeal Liner

Find the Perfect Fit with WillowWood’s® Transfemoral ALPHA® TruSeal Liner

WillowWood’s® transfemoral ALPHA® TruSeal liner uses a platinum cured, medical grade silicone designed for comfort and performance. The liner has four integrated sealing fins designed to ensure confident suction suspension. The seals have a unique, stepped shape design which creates two sealing points against the socket wall for added contact and security.

Sealing points between the socket wall and liner fins.

Sealing liners inherently rely on stable limb volume, however, with TruSeal’s® stepped fins and Volume Management Pads (VMPs) a large range of fluctuation can be accommodated. The Volume Management Pads accommodate conical and irregular limb shapes like invaginations and bulbous distal ends. VMPs can also accommodate limb volume changes, up to 4%. This means a circumference of 400mm that either shrinks to 384mm or swells to 416mm can still fit! Whether your patient’s limb shrinks or swells, the pads can be positioned to maintain sealing contact and suction.

The large silicone pads measure 23 X 11.5cm and are available in two thicknesses, 4.5 or 7.5mm. The VMPs have a long, tapered edge perfect for diagnostic fitting or a seamless, everyday fit.

To learn more about WillowWood’s® TruSeal® liner and how it could benefit your transfemoral patients, visit our website or ask a Cascade Customer Service Representative today!

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