Cascade Warehouse Advancements

Better fulfillment. Cost savings. Less waste.

Over the years, Cascade has strategized how to improve and master a more efficient approach to distribution. The journey has included upgrades to our backend systems, investments in various integrations to bolster our warehouse functionality, and most recently our efforts to completely automate processes. These upgrades began many years ago, but each have played a fundamental role into our current warehouse structure. Join us firsthand as we demonstrate our latest warehouse technology…

A Deeper Dive Into the Technology That Allowed Us to Automate Our Systems

Cascade’s latest warehouse integrations are all focused on increasing service and fulfillment rates, cutting costs, and reducing waste for our customers. Learn more below about the cutting edge technology we are incorporating into our various warehouse locations – California, Kansas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Qubevu Measures and weighs products

The Qubevu system was introduced into our warehouse systems to capture the weights and dimensions of the products we distribute so they can be inventoried, packed, and shipped more efficiently. Every time a new product comes into our warehouse, we capture the information and catalog this valuable data for future use.

PackSize Creates custom, on-demand boxes for shipping

The product information collected from QubeVu is used when our warehouse teams pick products for an order. Once an order is staged, the product information is used to tell PackSize what size of custom, on-demand packaging will be needed to accommodate the exact size of the shipment. This reduces the dimensional weight of a package, which reduces shipping charges for our customers. This also eliminates the need for excess packaging material since the products fit snuggly within the packaging.

InVia Robotic Automation SystemsAutomates warehouse tasks like receiving, picking, and returning items to inventory

The InVia Robotic Automation System uses the data from the products and the layout of the warehouse inventory to optimize warehouse operations through the use of autonomous robots and in-depth monitoring of picking and receiving, all while working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The automation helps streamline processing of orders, is pandemic-proof, and helps improve fulfillment and efficiency rates.

Automation is part of our mission to continually reimagine the distribution model, providing our customers with the products they need at the most competitive service levels and price. As we head into 2022, we are excited to have this technology operating in all of our warehouse locations. Be sure to check in with us on our social media pages for more exciting advancements!

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