Catalog Highlight: Fabrication

Kick off 2022 with something new!

Cascade sells a large variety of fabrication supplies, so it is easy to overlook options that might benefit your practice. The following fabrication items have been hand selected by Cascade’s Clinical Educator, Nina Bondre, CPO, FAAOP, as functionally equivalent, alternative product lines. Keep reading to learn about some products that you may not have known Cascade carries.


Ottobock – Antibacterial ThermoLyn
BroadBay – Streifeneder Streifyflex

Nina’s Notes: The Ottobock Antibacterial ThermoLyn offers high strength and stiffness, while the Streifyflex provides multiple colors and a deep drawable.

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PRS – Epoxy (E-R)
Paceline, Inc. – ECO-Extreme

Nina’s Notes: The PRS Epoxy (E-R) is great for elevated vacuum, has no shelf life, and cures clear. The Paceline, Inc. Eco-Extreme is a non-hazmat resin is also a good option for elevated vacuum and cures without bubbles.

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ACOR – Echocel™ Polyurethane
Ottobock – Carbon Synthetic Leather

Nina’s Notes: Echocel Polyurethane from ACOR is breathable, available in multiple colors, and provides compression fatigue properties. The Ottobock Carbon Synthetic Leather is a great option that is tear resistant, easy to grind, and has no-fray edges.

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Have questions about the products above or looking for other product line alternatives? Contact our Clinical Educator, Nina Bondre, CPO, FAAOP, who can provide additional guidance for the products listed above and offer suggestions about what other materials might work best for your application.

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For any other questions, or to setup a Continued Education Course for your account, please reach out to your Territory Account Manager.

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