Cascade Supplier Partners: WillowWood META™ Arc

The WillowWood META™ Arc is a moderate-to-high activity carbon fiber prosthetic foot with a revolutionary unibody design and polycentric frontal plane ankle.

Key Features

  • Titanium Polycentric Ankles
  • Anatomical Joint Motion
  • Waterproof
  • Split Keel and Sandal Toe
  • Lightweight (720g)
  • No toe wraps, bolts, or hardware
  • 95% Energy Return
  • Low Build Height (113mm/4.5in)


Instant, Rapid Ankle Adaptation

At just 20% of body loading, the META™ Arc offers twelve times the amount of frontal plane adaption compared to the competitive feet at 100% body loading.

Stability on Flat Ground and Slopes

On even terrain, the lateral forces exerted on the socket are equivalent to competitor feet. However, walking across a 10-degree cross slope, the META™ Arc offers a completely different and beneficial change in lateral force. This change reduces forces exerted on the residual limb and prevents those forces from destabilizing the user in the downhill direction.

Watch the META™ Arc in Action:


To learn more about the WillowWood META™ Arc and how it could benefit your patients, visit our website or your Account Manager Today!

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