Cascade Supplier Partner: WillowWood META® Shock X

The newest addition to the WillowWood META® family, the META® Shock X. The META® Shock X features the same unibody design and low build height of its predecessors, plus 40° axial rotation in the ankle for increased range of motion, and functional mobility. This high activity foot adapts reflexively to variation when walking on uneven terrain and promotes natural rotational movement.

Features and Benefits

  • Responsive Shock Absorption
  • Corrosion Resistant and Waterproof
  • Maximum Vertical Displacement
  • Dual Bumper Design
  • Weight Limit: 365lbs
  • PDAC Approved: L5984, L5987


META® Family Line Up

Check out the Cascade Website or ask your Account Manager to learn more about the META® Shock X and the rest of the META® family.

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