Helping you Build a Better O&P Practice

Your Patients, Your Commitment, Our Shared Passion

So what makes an O&P practice better or superior than the next? What defines better? Who defines better? What is the criterion for measurement? Is the basis of comparison fair and equitable given the varied level of services provided from facility to facility? Of course, this question is fully loaded, which is often circumspect depending on what level of interaction the respondent has in the continuum of care. Some of the answers (from what many of us might construe as a simple question) are as easy as the nose on your face – or are they? Some answers need to be unearthed with a little digging.

As a full-line orthotic and prosthetic distributor, Cascade Orthopedic Supply, Inc. (the name being a little misleading since more than 50% of the product Cascade distributes is within prosthetics) strives to help O&P practices achieve their ultimate best. The role Cascade plays in the daily operations of an independent O&P facility is critical to the success of the patient care. However, the core functions of distribution (Cascade notwithstanding) can be unglamorous and often routine. Inventory management, receiving, shipping, invoicing, and operations are the principle elements of what defines a distributor. The art is in doing all of these things at a high level of consistency and repeatedly meeting customer expectations.

Picasso is quoted as saying, “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary.” In the routine world of distribution, Cascade’s driving force is the eradication of the unnecessary. This may sound cliché, but for Cascade it is a way of life. The simplification of our processes provides the sourcing stability that an O&P facility requires in order to focus on providing an unrivaled level of patient care. Often, a day in the life of a practitioner is less than routine and requires a quick turnaround of products. We all know patients need their medical devices when they need them, not when it’s convenient.

We make an on-going commitment to our customers to provide the products they need and the service they expect. Over time, we have seen the steady evolution of ordering – from telephone calls and faxes, to emails, and most recently to our online channels. Over the last five years, the online movement has exploded, creating an extraordinary opportunity for efficiency improvement. To keep up with demands and an increased level of service, Cascade has invested heavily in improving the various channels customers can order from (OPIE, Medflex, website, etc.).

Irrespective of the ordering channel, our objective is to process and fulfill orders by reducing unnecessary actions throughout the process. Cascade has dedicated resources to ensuring our integrations, technology, and website are functioning properly. When superfluous errors are made it disrupts the principle of convenience. The goal of consolidated purchasing is to add value by reducing unnecessary actions – whether it be avoiding opening an additional account, managing multiple PO’s, or dealing with multiple shipments.

Cascade has lived this maxim over the years. A lot of effort, hard work and preparation go into making the art of distribution efficient. This efficiency ensures our customers deliver patient care services on-time with an experience that exceeds satisfactory. It stands to reason that companies, who have had long standing relationships with business partners, have forged relationships based on the basic tenets of doing business: confidence, trust, reliability, commitment and expectation. At Cascade, our business philosophy is simple. We work hard to develop our business relationships, both personally and professionally, so our customers are confident we can provide the level of service they require.

Outside of our ability to consolidate purchasing, Cascade can provide countless metrics that can help measure and define your success. Metrics are important if not critical to business success, providing an objective view of your operations. Colin Powell recently said, “There are no secrets to success. It is the results of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” Cascade has spent years strengthening our relationships with our vendors and customers in order to create positive experiences that in turn provide positive outcomes for the end patient. As your partner, Cascade shares your passion and is committed to helping you build a superior practice.


John CroninAbout the Author: John Cronin has worked at Cascade Orthopedic Supply, Inc. for the past seven years as the Sales and Marketing Manager. John works closely with the Cascade team members and customers to provide business solutions for O&P practitioners. John has built his career on understanding and implementing sales strategies that align with the goals of the company and the benefit of the customer.

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