Adjustable Sockets: Click Medical

It’s Not One Size Forever, It’s The Right Size Whenever

Guest Blog: Click Medical

Click Medical is a medical innovations company that delivers alternative orthotic, prosthetic, and casting solutions that incorporate the Boa® Closure System technology.  The products were designed with the belief that prosthesis and orthoses should be comfortable, high-performing, and easy to use.  As reimbursement, patient care, and technology change, the demand for alternative solutions continues to grow.  Click Medical has led the adjustable socket revolution, seeking to improve the standard of care, one socket at a time.revofit-1

The Click Medical RevoFit Solution is a new generation of technology designed to provide an on-demand, modifiable prosthetic socket.  This solution allows the patient to instantly control the fit of their socket to accommodate fluctuations in size of their residual limb without adding and removing fitting socks or requesting modifications to the socket.

By way of a proprietary, lockable rotary closure system with a 4:1 mechanical advantage and multi-panel design options, the RevoFit adjustable socket system allows users to make micro changes to a socket for accuraterevofit-2 and immediate changes to fit with just the turn of a dial.  By releasing the tension on the socket, the patient can open the socket to don and doff, often without the resistance of a difficult residual limb fit.  Additional benefits are:

  • The solution reduces safety concerns by allowing the patient to keep the socket on while adjusting for volume changes.
  • The solution can be easily adjusted through clothing, making it perfect for patients with limited mobility or dexterity.
  • The turn of a dial can release the tension patients experience while sitting.
  • The solution accommodates volume fluctuations of up to 10 ply.
  • The solution provides patients with a measured approach to socket suspension.

As one RevoFit user said, “In the morning I can wear it a little looser and then as my residual limb shrinks during the day, I can tighten it. So far it’s been the best socket I’ve had.”

Incorporating adjustable socket technology into the patient care spectrum will save time and money and provide a practice with a competitive advantage. Practitioners using the RevoFit solutions have noted a reduction in revofit-3follow-up visits to address fit, improved residual limb health, and patient compliance. Additionally, practitioners are fabricating less check sockets, can produce and deliver more definitive sockets, and provide a specialized level of care to the patient population.

Adjustable socket technology has created a paradigm shift within the O&P industry and redefined the options for active amputees.  It’s not one size forever, it’s the right size whenever.

About the Author

Click Medical is a medical innovations company that creates orimgresthotic, prosthetic, and casting solutions based on Boa Technology® components.

Click Medical believes patients’ prosthetics and orthoses deserve to be as comfortable and as high performing as possible, all while still being easy to use and adjust.

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