Introducing Cascade’s National Sales Manager, Debbie Hatch

Cascade is pleased to introduce our new National Sales Manager, Debbie Hatch.  Debbie has been a part of the Cascade team for over 11 years and was promoted from her previous position as North Atlantic Territory Account Manager.

Throughout her tenure with Cascade, Debbie has built strong relationships with her customers.  She is looking forward to growing these existing relationships and building new connections throughout the United States.  In her new role, Debbie will be working closely with Cascade’s supplier partners, customers, and internal teams with the goal of extending Cascade’s value-added services and solutions.

new-piktochart_30579873 (3)

Get to Know Debbie:

  • Debbie loves: Mexican food
  • Debbie has two pets: a cat named Lovey and a black lab named Bella
  • Her favorite sports are: tennis and baseball/softball
  • Debbie’s hobbies include: playing tennis, participating in Spartan races, spending time on the lake, and spending time with her nephews
  • She enjoys: traveling internationally and exploring new and unique places

Debbie’s Take on Her New Position

Debbie is proud to support the O&P industry and the individuals who help restore mobility and improve the quality of patient’s lives. Debbie is looking forward to expanding her reach and supporting the Cascade network of customers with the products, resources, and support they need to build a better practice. To connect with Debbie Hatch, please reach out to her directly at 530-748-5105 or by email at


(* Rare GIF depicting how excited the Marketing Department is for Debbie’s promotion)

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