Cascade Cares: Environmental Conservation

Here at Cascade Orthopedic Supply, we always try to be cognizant of the environment. With the ever-growing concern of greenhouse gas emission, deteriorating fuel resources, and increased waste across the world, we want to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint.  To accomplish this, Cascade has incorporated solar panels to fuel our energy consumption and installed a packaging machine to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

Keep reading to learn more about how these these efforts have helped us become a more sustainable company!

Solar Panels

Cascade installed solar panels at our Chico, CA headquarters back in 2013. Since their installation, the solar panels have generated around 500,000 kWh of energy.  This volume of energy is the equivalent to:

  • 360 tons of CO2 offset – what would have been provided by planting 9,000 trees
  • 40,600 gallons of gas saved
  • 2,800 light bulbs for 1 year

It is exciting to be able to quantify the impact of the solar panels, both for Cascade and the environment.  We are looking forward to watching these numbers increase in the coming years.

birthday-social_31250866 (1)Packsize 

Did you know that empty space comprises 40% of all shipped packages? Excessive packaging has a negative impact on the environment.  With our packaging machine Packsize, we are able to create custom boxes that are sized perfectly for each specific shipment. By using less material, we can reduce our carbon footprint, while saving you money! 

Additional Benefits of Packsize

  • Reduces damage during shipping
  • Increased storage, handling, and transportation efficiencies
  • Reduces stocking and managing of boxes, resulting in more space in your warehouse
  • Better freight rates

Fun Facts About Packsize

If the whole country used Packsize, we would:

  • Save 98.8 Million trees
  • Avoid 1.4 Billion cubic feet of landfill
  • Keep 17.4 Billion kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere

The Packsize machine is currently installed at our Chico, CA Distribution Center and is servicing our customers in the area.  In the upcoming months, we plan on installing additional Packsize units in each of our three remaining warehouses.

birthday-social_31250866 (2)

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

At Cascade Headquarters, we have installed an electric vehicle charging station for employees and other businesses in the area to use.  Cascade’s President, Jeff Collins, owns a Chevrolet Volt and utilizes the charging station every day!  Some individual and environmental benefits recognized by using electric vehicles include:

  • Fuel savings
  • Diversification of fuel sources for the US
  • Reduction of emissions that contribute to climate change


We are always looking for new ways to conserve and reduce our carbon footprint.  We will be sure to keep you updated as we creatively figure out ways to save you money and reduce our impact on the environment.

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