Giving Thanks

During this time of year, we are encouraged to look back and reflect on what we have done as an organization to accomplish our mission of providing solutions that improve the quality of life.

Putting People First

As a company-wide initiative, Cascade created cross-departmental teams to work on programs and processes to directly impact the service level we provide to our customers. These teams met regularly to assess services, make adaptations, and create new customer offerings. Key task forces were created for our Cascade programs (Kits, EasyPACKS, and new product additions), freight policies, logistics, customer service, and integrations.

We also welcomed new personnel to the team who added direct value to customers. Some of the new additions have been our Clinical Educator, Nina Bondre, and our two new Account Managers in the Pacific Northwest, Matt Croddy and Mike Marten. Matt and Mike both have industry experience and offer the Sales Team expertise in fabrication, lab management, orthotics, and referral source marketing. Nina will be introducing a new portfolio of 2020 educational courses that address the industry requests we have received over the past year. Since she was hired in July, Nina has traveled to 8 of the 10 territories and completed 17 customer courses and two internal staff educations.  Upcoming 2020 course topics include:

  • A Modern Approach to Orthotic and Prosthetic Solutions
  • Articulating Foot and Ankle Industry Comparisons
  • Transfemoral Socket Designs
  • O&P Research Updates

We are so grateful for our staff’s commitment to Cascade, their perseverance to improve service levels, and dedication to add value to the Cascade brand.

Connecting With Our Partners

At Cascade, one of our strategic anchors is creating internal and external efficiencies by leveraging technology. We have pursued partnerships with several innovative companies and integrated our systems to make ordering with Cascade easy and streamlined.

Ongoing improvements to our OPIE integration, EDI connections with our top suppliers, and integrations with Fusiform (online custom ordering platform), Billtrust (third party billing software), the Department of Veterans Affairs ROES System, Brightree, Medflex, and Nymbl have made the Cascade portfolio more accessible to customers.    

We are encouraged by the caliber of new technology within the O&P industry and thankful for our support teams (internally and externally) who have made these connections possible.

Opening the Door to New Products

As the O&P market continues to transform, Cascade is always looking for the latest product offerings to bolster our portfolio of orthotics, prosthetics, materials, and equipment. Product options and availability are integral to achieving our corporate mission of being a full service provider. 

In 2019, Cascade has significantly expanded the ottobock product line, bolsering both the orthotics and prosthetics category. Cascade now sells a full range of prosthetic feet, mechanical knees, liners, materials and has rounded out the orthothic offering with the addition of spinal, knee, AFO, and other bracing solutions.  Check out some of the key products listed below.

Amonena is also a notable addition to the product mix, expanding the Cascade breast forms and mastectomy care products. 

We appreciate our network of suppliers and remain focused on working more closely to deliver the latest products and solutions to patient care.  We are thankful for their continued support of the industry and commitment to innovation and design. 


The dedication and support of our Cascade team members is central to our commitment to providing excellent service and support to you and the patients you serve.  Thank you for your continued business, we are proud to deliver products and services that improve your patient care. We are thankful for your partnership and wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.

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