Cascade Supplier Partners: New Product Availability

Ottobock Microprocessor products are now available through Cascade. We have bolstered our product portfolio with the addition of three lower extremity microprocessor products; the C-Leg® 4, Kenevo®, and Meridium Foot.

C-Leg® Microprocessor Knee

The C-Leg® 4 prosthetic knee features a stumble recover feature that provides patients stability and comfort on uneven surfaces. The real time swing phase control ensures precision due to the 3D motion analysis technology.

  • Intuitive or Automatic Stance options
  • Walking backward support
  • Two programmable MyModes
  • IP67 Rating: 67/weatherproof
  • Manufacturer Recommended LCode(s): 5828, L5845, L5848, L5856
  • Clinical Studies

Kenevo® Microprocessor Knee

The Kenevo® microprocessor knee features a lightweight design with the ability to adapt to different mobility capabilities and needs. The adaptive swing release allows for increased security when walking and the automatic unlock and real time resistance adjustment provides a smooth sitting motion.

  • Standing function has a range of stability options
  • Pre-lock for stability when standing up
  • Stumble recovery plus
  • Wheelchair function
  • Inertial motion unit
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Bluetooth® Connectivity

Meridium Foot

The Meridum Prosthetic Foot offers the latest technology to provide a product that closely mimics the anatomy of a human foot. The foot provides users with a higher level of security, along with an increased adaptability, and a more natural motion sequence. The unique 4-axis design adjusts itself immediately to the user’s walking speed and ground conditions, whether on slopes, stairs, or varying terrain. When sitting, the foot completely lowers itself to the floor to provide relief to the residual limb.

  • Movable ankle, midfoot, and toe region
  • Increased flexibility and stability
  • Hydraulic resistance is adjusted during initial ground contact
  • Full-surface contact provides stability and traction
  • Uniform load distribution helps with gait symmetry
  • Electronically controlled ankle joint gradually adjusts to user’s gait behavior
  • Automatically adjusts to various shoe heel heights, up to 5cm
  • Battery Life: Approximately one day

Ordering Options

  • Online
  • OPIE Purchasing and Inventory Catalog
  • Phone: 800-888-0865
  • Fax: 800-847-9180
  • Email:


To learn more about the new Ottobock Microprocessor products and how they can benefit your patients, visit our website or ask a Cascade Representative today!

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