Cascade Supplier Partners: Product Highlight – Ottobock bebionic Hand

The bebionic Hand features cutting edge technology and innovation, providing the ability for individuals with upper limb loss to perform everyday activities with ease. With 14 different hand grip patterns and hand positions, activities from eating meals to typing are much more attainable.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Highly functional, multi-articulating hand
  • Bluetooth module
  • Spring-loaded flexion fingers
  • Padded fingertips
  • Wide thumb profile
  • Skin Silicone Prosthetic gloves available in 9 colors
  • L6880 + L6881 + L6882 + L6629

In order to fully fabricate, practitioners will need to purchase the following options:

  • bebionic Hand EQD
  • Wrist rotation option: Active (1E205, 10S17); Passive (9E169, 10S4)
  • Myo electrodes option: Suction (13E202=60) or Value (1E200=60)
  • Myo cables: 600mm (13E129=600) or 300mm (13E129=300)
  • MyoEnergy Integral battery: Small hands with passive rotation (757B35=3), Any size with active rotation (757B35=5)
  • MyoCharge Integral charger: (757L35)
  • Optional extended warranty: 3yr (SP-8E7=3) or 5yr (SP-8E7=5)
  • Bluetooth Long Range Dongle: B33061 (Optional)


For more information, contact your Account Manager or visit the our Cascade Website!

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