2020 Cascade Recap

Note from John Cronin, Director of Sales and Marketing

This time of the year, it is customary to look back and reflect on what unfolded – the positive, the not so positive, the successes, and the missteps. This reflection often leaves us with feelings of what could have been, but also gratitude for accomplishing more than we expected.

This year isn’t any different. Of course the pandemic has dominated every thought, conversation, and interaction. Business closures and shut downs, the relocation of many peers and employees to work from home, and the ubiquitous masks is a short list of the 2020 challenges. When trying to describe the year with one word, disruption comes to mind. However, I think resilience better describes what I have witnessed within the O&P community and at Cascade.

O&P as an essential industry, and Cascade as a business partner, were fortunate to work through it all. There are many industries and workforce’s that weren’t as fortunate and I feel very blessed to have kept products and services flowing to help our customers deliver patient care. We learned a lot about ourselves and what we are capable of achieving when things are supremely difficult.

I want to thank everyone in the O&P community, and at Cascade, who put patients first. At the end of the day, this is what really matters.

Happy holidays to everyone. Can’t wait to start 2021 with fresh ideas and new initiatives!

New Product Solutions

Cascade is continuously focused on adding new product solutions to better support you and your patients. Below are just a few that were added to our 2020 product mix:

Major Discontinuation

During 2020, our programs were critically reviewed and analyzed to ensure the best solutions were being provided to our customers. Through this process, we have made the decision to discontinue our product kits as we head into 2021.

Discontinued Kit Part Numbers:

  • WillowWood® TT K2 Kit – #COS-WW-TTKIT
  • College Park Celsus TF K2 Kit – #COS-CP-CS-TFKIT
  • Mixed TT K2 Kit – #COS-K2-TTKIT
  • Mixed TF K2 Kit – #COS-K2-TFKIT

Please note: All products that were included in kits are still active and available to purchase outside of the kitted option.

We are excited to work on new programs and solutions that better fit your needs. Feel free to shoot marketing@cascade-usa.com an email with any of your great ideas!

What’s Coming Next?

Cascade is adding some progressive technology to our distribution center logistics. We are excited to introduce some of these advancements in early 2021. Stay tuned!

From all of your friends at Cascade, we thank you for your continued partnership and wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season! Cheers to 2021!

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