Cascade Website: Tools & Resources

Did you know that the Cascade website offers so much more than product information and a place to submit orders? Over the years Cascade has invested heavily in website improvements to make your shopping experience more enjoyable, as well as bolster the website with new and exciting features. Keep reading to learn more about everything you can find on the Cascade website!

Account Info: The Account Info section of the website houses all your personal and account specific information, from your Cascade Account Number to your shipping addresses, and a little bit of everything in between.

  • Account Settings: Within this section, you are able to edit your default settings for “Add to Cart” and opt into various email notifications. Cascade has worked to provide you with a variety of emails to keep you up to speed with what is going on with your orders. Select from “Order Confirmation Emails”, “Return Confirmation Emails”, or “Daily Shipment Summaries”.
  • Addresses: Easily add, edit, or delete the shipping addresses associated with your account. Please note that there is a lead time for the Cascade Team to process this change.
  • Product Tags: Review the Product Tag Library within the Account Info page. Here you can see the five different tags that are available, you can simply hover over them to get a description of what each tag means.

Orders & Returns: Within the Orders & Returns you are able to view all previous orders, purchased products, and items returned regardless of the order channel used to purchase. You can also easily do the following with just a click of a button.

  • Return an Item
  • Reorder an Item
  • Export Previous Purchases
  • View All Invoices

Shopping Lists: Shopping List provide you the ability to group together products in one place for easy reordering. Create lists for “Frequently Purchased”, “Prosthetic Starter Kit”, or “Fabrication Goods”. Need help creating a shopping list, check out our website features video below.


The Cascade website has a multitude of helpful resources available to you. Located in the footer of the website, you can find the resource section with links to things such as our Sales Territory Map, Warehouse Locations, and Time in Transit. You will also find our Credit Application, Continued Education, Returns Policy, and various ways to contact the Cascade Team.

Website Feature Video

We’ve recently put together a short website video highlighting some of the most popular features of our site.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service Team or you Territory Account Manager for more information on the Cascade Website.

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