Cascade Supplier Partners: Product Highlight – WillowWood META® Shock X

A high activity, carbon fiber prosthetic foot that provides more degrees of freedom, impact protection, and rotation. Check out below to find out what sets WillowWood META® Shock X apart from other prosthetic feet.

Why the WillowWood META® Shock X?


All META® feet feature the first ever one-piece carbon, hardware-free construction. There are no wraps or bolts which creates the ultimate lightweight, responsive foot.


The shock absorber compresses up to a category leading 13mm. A low profile foot that offers pound for pound the most impact protection.


L5987 + L5984


Foot Module / 36 Months | Foot Shell / 6 Months


60 Days from Fit Date

Features and Specs

  • Torsional Rotation
  • Vertical Shock Absorption
  • Hardware Free
  • Dual Bumper Design
  • Responsive, Variable Impact Protection
  • Waterproof & Corrosion Resistant

Who wears the WillowWood META® Shock X?

K3 / K4 | Community Walkers | Joint & Limb Health | Running & Jogging | And MORE

Want to learn more about the WillowWood META® Shock X? Ask your Cascade Account Manager or check out the Cascade Website today!

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