Cascade Supplier Partners: Product Highlight – WillowWood Meta Core™

META Core™ is the newest addition to WillowWood’s META Family of high-activity prosthetic feet. META Core™ is the base of the META Family, its innovative chassis being what all the other META feet, including the Arc, Shock, and Shock X are all built on.

Like the rest of the META family, the META Core™ features responsive energy return with balance, stability, and impact protection:

  • META-Unibody™ technology delivers greater than 95% energy return.
  • No hardware or wrap for a minimal and lightweight platform.
  • Ultra-low build height just under 4.1” (105 mm) which allows versatile fitting options for a variety of limb lengths.
  • Integrated titanium pyramid atop the carbon plate delivers a high-performance foot in the smallest form factor on the market.
  • Warranty: 36 months

META Core™ was born out of a combination of customer feedback and market analysis that found a need for a simple, unibody foot that delivers maximum support to community ambulators, especially in late stance, while providing the ideal combination of dynamic energy return and stability to ensure a smooth rollover.

Want to learn more about the WillowWood META Core? Ask your Cascade Account Manager or check out the Cascade Website today!

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