WillowWood’s META Family of Feet is Growing

WillowWood continues to break into the scene of high-activity prosthetic feet with META Core, the newest addition to WillowWood’s META Family of high-activity prosthetic feet. This time, WillowWood aims to propel the community of daily ambulators while retaining the quality that it is known for across higher activity levels. Continuing its expansion, WillowWood is also working on alternative solutions and more options for all activity levels.

More members of the META family are on the way, all continuing to feature responsive energy return with balance, stability, and impact protection:

  • META-Unibody technology delivers greater than 95% energy return.
  • No hardware or wrap for a minimal and lightweight platform.
  • Ultra-low build height allowing versatile fitting options for a variety of limb lengths.
  • Integrated titanium pyramid atop the carbon plate delivers a high-performance foot in the smallest form factor on the market.

The META Family continues to build off customer feedback and market analysis and strives to bring innovation to prosthetic foot users across all categories. The unibody feet deliver maximum support for everyone from daily ambulators, to high activity athletes.

Join the new ever-growing META Family.

Want to learn more about the WillowWood Meta Family? Ask your Cascade Account Manager or check out the Cascade Website today!

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